Purpose and Benefits of Advisory Committees

FTTX Council Africa Advisory Committees function to support members and the organisation with topical content. Advisory Committees are commissioned for specific purposes on an ad-hoc basis, as and when needed, to address industry specific issues.

Under the leadership of the Chair, with support from the Vice Chair, Advisory Committees are responsible for discussing specific standpoints of the organisation and deliver supporting documents on relevant topics as required from time to time. Their efforts support the work of the FTTX Council Africa and allows for the organisation to become more efficient by applying the specialised skills and interests of members. It allows the organisation to do more detailed work and ensure that the view of the organisation (on a particular topic) is agreed upon. Responsibilities within a particular committee is delegated to willing participants according to skills and interests of members.

How Advisory Committees Function

  • Committee members are nominated individuals either by themselves or peers in the industry.
  • Chairs and Vice Chairs are elected by Committee members.
  • Committees, under the guidance of the Chair, will establish their own mandate.
  • Committees must comprise of a minimum of three members.
  • Committees are expected to meet at least once per quarter, or as required by current market developments.
  • The committee’s terms of reference will be written and included in the organization’s policies or recorded in a motion.
  • These terms of reference are available to all organisation members.
  • Committees are directly responsible to the FTTX Council Africa.
  • The committee chair will provide consise feedback/report at member meetings.
  • Committee Chairs, with the support of the Vice Chair and Committee members will present specific recommendations.
  • Reports that are for information only don’t require a motion.

Committee Mandates Should Be Able To Answer The Following:

  • What’s the purpose of this committee?

  • What are the responsibilities and specific tasks of committee members?

  • Who are members that should participate in this committee?

  • What skill/resources does this committee have and what will it need to complete its task?

  • Mandates will be approved by the Board of Directors of the FTTX Council Africa.